1914 Acoustic Recording


The course begins with a history of recording, highlighting major recording studio innovations from 1850 to present.

Gear and Software

Discover all of the latest gear and software that you will use to create music in your studio.

Project Studio Equipment

Akai MPC 60


Explore the fundamentals of sampling then record, edit and program a basic sampler patch.


Dive into the fundamentals of synthesis and start programming basic synth patches.

Moog Modular

MIDI Sequencer

MIDI Sequencing

Record & edit music in the 3 major types of sequencers: a drum editor, a piano roll editor and a loop editor.


Learn about hybrid software instruments which combine sampling & synthesis.

Hybrid Instruments & Effects



Use an audio interface and microphones to capture professional audio recordings in class. Immediately edit them in your project.

Song Arrangement

Arrange your audio and MIDI recordings into a basic composition.

Song Arrangement

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