Our Team

Andrew Yankiwski - PARTNER

Andrew is a professional producer who has overseen countless projects during his decade at the helm of Precursor. His philosophy as a producer is simple: understand each artist's creative vision for their music and make it a reality in the studio. As an engineer he is known for extremely high production values and the unique ability to create a signature sound for each artist.

Skot Moat - PARTNER

Skot joined the Precursor team in 2002 and made partner in 2005. He is known for a tireless commitment to excellence and superior project management. As a an engineer, Skot has worked on countless projects while at Precursor. He recently extended his talents to film audio post, focusing on Foley and Sound Effects. He is also an internationally acclaimed recording artist.


Omar rounds-out the Precursor team in his role as Marketing and Sales Manager. He brings with him a wealth of education and experience in both music, entrepreneurship and marketing. He has successfully helped to grow IntoMusic.ca and Precursor Productions and take both organizations to new heights. Omar is also a professional music producer and hip-hop artist who regularly performs and releases music.

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